Business Development Information Application

If you are considering expanding/relocating your business or starting a new concept, let's talk. The Omni Centre is looking for businesses that would complement our strong existing business core. We are wanting to offer you an aggressive lease opportunity.

This is for informational purposes only and is not to be considered in any way a commitment to enter into a License Agreement with the applicant. The Omni Centre will not share this information.

The Omni Centre Business Development Application


Contact Person:

Business Name/DBA:

Business Address:




Interested in:
Small Single Person Office Space

Small Company Office Space

Larger Corporate or Branch Office Space

Kiosik Space

Discription of how the space would be used:

Desired Lease Term:
> 1 year

> 3 years

> 5 years

Currently in Business:


Approximate Square Footage Required:

Best time to contact:

Questions or Comments:

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